Are you tired of getting done with a workout and not really knowing how well you performed?  How many calories you burned?  If you are increasing or decreasing you stamina?  At Phoenix Cycling Systems we use a revolutionary real time reporting system that measures your heart rate, revolutions per minute, kilojoules, and much more.  After you have completed your workout we email you a summary of your performance and store that information so you can compare your workouts.  Get out of the dark and start seeing measurable results with our integrated and custom Phoenix Cycling Systems/PIQ system.

Performance Email

Once your workout is complete, we email you a summary of that workout.

Power Training

Serious about Power Based Training?  We can cater to your individual Functional Threshold Power needs. Coach Rod will assist you in getting started on your FTP according to your ability and continue to assess and adjust as needed. This way, your always in the right training zones to achieve the best results. Its almost like having a personal coach!  

Spot Reservation

Do you prefer a particular location in the room?  Then use our online spot reservation.